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Glenn Miller - Army Air Force Band ☆ 萝卜小炒

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Disc 1
01. The Army Air Corps
02. A String of Pearls
03. Medley: Annie Laurie/My Ideal/Alexander's Ragtime Band/Blue is the Night
04. Carribean Clipper
05. Stormy Weather (Keeps Raining All The Time)
06. Along The Sante Fe Trail
07. It Must Be Jelly ('Cause Jam Don't Shake Like That)
08. Medley: Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)/Shoo-Shoo Baby/The Way You Look Tonight/Beautiful Blue Danube
09. Holiday For Strings
10. I'll Be Around
11. Poinciana (Song Of The Tree)
12. The St. Louis Blues March
13. What Do You Do In The Infantry (Official Marching Song of The 264th Infantry Regiment)
14. Medley: Goin' Home/Paper Doll/All the Things You Are/My Blue Heaven
15. Sun Valley Jump

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Disc 2
01. Tail End Charlie
02. Suddenly It's Spring
03. Medley: In the Gloaming/For the First Time (I've Fallen in Love)/Stompin' at the Savoy/Deep Purple
04. Jeep Jockey Jump
05. Pearls on Velvet
06. My Ideal
07. Medley: Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair/I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night/Begin the Beguine/Blue Rain
08. Enlisted Men's Mess
09. In the Mood
10. Song of the Volga Boatmen
11. I Love You
12. Medley: Silver Threads Among the Gold/Absent-Minded/A String of Pearls/The St., Louis Blues
13. Oh, What a Beautiful Morning (From "Oklahome")
14. Join the Wac/(There'll Be) A Hot Time In the Town of Berlin (When The Yanks Go Marchin' In)

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Disc 3
01. Vict'ry Polka
02. Mission To Moscow
03. Medley: My Buddy/Goodnight, Where Ever You Are/Music Makers/Farewell Blues
04. Begin the Beguine
05. G.I. Jive
06. Now I Know
07. People Will Say We're In Love (From "Oklahoma")
08. Medley: Long, Long Ago/The Music Stopped/The Dipsy Doodle/(I'm Left With the) Blues In My Heart
09. I've Got a Heart Filled With Love
10. How Sweet You Are
11. Juke Box Saturday Night
12. Medley: Flow Gently Sweet Afton/Moon Dreams/Don't Be That Way/Blue Champagne
13. I Hear You Screamin'
14. Long Ago (And Far Away)
15. In an 18th Century Drawing Room
16. Time Alone Will Tell
17. Flying Home

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Disc 4
01. Over There
02. Medley: Mother Machree/I Couldn't Sleep a Wink Last Night/I Can't Give You Anytrhing But Love (Baby)/Wang-Wang Blues
03. There Are Yanks (From the Banks of the Wabash)
04. Tuxedo Junction
05. Anvil Chorus
06. Going My Way
07. Medley: Old Black Joe/As Time Goes By/I've Got a Sixpence (As We Go Rolling Home/Rhapsody in Blue
08. Speak Low (When You Speak, Love)
09. Here We Go Again
10. Peggy, The Pin-up Girl
11. Star Dust
12. Pistol Packin' Mama
13. Everybody Loves My Baby (But My Baby Don't Love Nobody But Me)
14. Medley: Kilarney/I've Got a Heart Filled with Love/Moonlight Serenade/Wabash Blues
15. A Lovely Way to Spend the Evening

1942年,Glenn加入美国空军为上尉,他组织了一个前所未有的爵士乐军乐队,乐队的名称叫做Army Air Force Band,并且担任军乐团的总司令,为服役的美国军人于两年内表演达800场。
1944年,乐队驻居在伦敦,主要成员有竖笛手Peanuts Hucko、钢琴手Mel Powell、鼓手Ray McKinley、小喇叭手Bobby Nichols。"St. Louis Blues March"是当时他们走红的曲子之一,Glenn Miller的乐队也在广播电台成为最受欢迎的乐队
1944年12月15日,Glenn Miller计划跨越英吉利海峡,来到欧洲大陆演出,在横渡英伦海峡时,他的飞机在高空中失去联络,Glenn Miller与飞机从此消失得无影无踪。

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:sk278EP: :face29

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二战时的音乐,Popular Song的鼎盛时期,怀旧情调:face29 :face29

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CMM的经典好货真多呀,一波接一波,似乎永无休止。米勒的这个系列二战时期的乐曲,实在珍贵,值得收藏。:sNx9939: :sXN36UH:

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又是一套Glenn Miller 的四CD,了不得!

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