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David Carroll(大卫 · 卡洛尔)—— 美国

大卫 · 卡洛尔(David Carroll)
1913 ~ 2008

David Carroll (born Rodell Walter Nook Schreier on 15 October 1913 - 22 March 2008) was a studio arranger, conductor, and musical director.

Carroll was born in Taylorville, Illinois. He wrote and recorded many songs of his own, played by musicians such as Tiny Hill, Bobby Christian, Earl Backus, Mike Simpson, Sarah Vaughan, Vic Damone and Patti Page. While Carroll was musical director at Mercury Theatre (1951 to early 1960s), Quincy Jones made some songs for him.

In his later years Mr. Schreier was associated with the Smothers Brothers. He at first traveled with them as their conductor. Later be became general music director and then general manager of the organization. In the latter post he managed television and movie appearances, recordings, publishing interests and personal appearances.

Carroll is also credited with writing the distinctive advertising jingle for American Family Insurance in 1965.

He had two hit versions of "Melody of Love" in 1955, one, an instrumental, the other featuring a narration by Paul Tremaine.


         1959 - Let's Dance
         1965 - Dance and Stay Young

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