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The Three Suns(三个太阳)—— 美国

三个太阳(The Three Suns)

The Three Suns was an American instrumental pop group popular in the 1940s and 1950s.

The group was formed in 1939 by Artie Dunn (vocals, electric organ), Al Nevins (guitar) and Morty Nevins (accordion). Their first hit record was "Twilight Time", which was written by the band along with Buck Ram. "Twilight Time" sold over one million copies and was followed by "Peg O' My Heart", which was one of the best-selling records of 1947 in the United States.

The group underwent several lineup changes in the 1950s, and broke up briefly in the middle of the decade before Dunn resurrected the name with a new lineup. The group's popularity waned and its historical significance was essentially forgotten in the wake of rock & roll, but interest in the ensemble was renewed in the 1990s by fans of lounge music and exotica.

Founding member Al Nevins was also co-founder of Aldon Music, a Brill Building songwriting company.


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